Practice Risk Solutions

Report a Claim

Prompt claims’ reporting is critical to the process of bringing claims to a successful resolution. Members aware of any actual or potential claim must report it immediately. If a member receives a formal notice or statement of claim, the notice must be reported in writing to the insurer as soon as possible. Please refrain from making any written or oral statements to the claimant, unless the insurer or adjuster advises to do so.

Please contact your claims adjuster at Crawford & Company at 1-877-805-9168 or to report a claim if you have received:

  • A letter of complaint from your regulatory body; or
  • A statement of claim from a lawyer acting on behalf of an injured patient/patient’s family.

You should also contact Crawford & Company if:

  • Criminal charges have been filed against you related to your professional services;
  • A patient or lawyer threatens legal action or demands financial compensation; or
  • You are aware of any circumstance or situation that could lead to a claim (for instance, if a patient experienced an adverse event).